Ever thought of using a garden labelling device?

If you are a seasoned gardener who grows from seed, you will be familiar with the tedious task or handwriting the labels for each seed tray and plant.  After a season of weathering you can no longer read what you wrote on the label.  Brother has now developed a garden labelling product to help you stay organised for the long term.

Weather Resistant Labels:

A garden labelling machine prints out labels for your fruits, veggies and herbs that are 100% weather resistant. This means that you can use your labels in the garden or green house without the fear of them becoming ruined due to high temperatures, humidity or rain. When using your normal everyday labelling machine, you will find yourself having to recreate the labels numerous times because of one day of rain or hot weather.

Variety of Styles:

When purchasing a gardening labelling machine you are given a great opportunity to choose from multiple styles including handheld, desktop, office-home-garden and the industrial high-speed label printer. Depending on the amount of time you spend labeling or selling your gardening products, there is a style out there to suit your every gardening need. Before making the decision on just one style, be sure to read into each and every fully to see what they have to offer. Some package deals even include a carrying case for those of you who do a lot of walking on your land.

Staying Professional:

Not only does a garden labelling machine make you feel good about your new found organization skills, but it also helps show off your professional side to your customers and your family. If you are that gardener who brings their flowers and veggies to farmers markets, then your new labels will most certainly help boost your sales and your confidence.

Watch a product review for a Brother GL-H105 Garden Labelling device: